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Episode 6: Traveling for Your Optimal Wellbeing

Episode 6: Traveling for Your Optimal Wellbeing

My guest today is Djuan Short! Djuan is a Licensed Social Worker who currently works with the School District of Philadelphia as a Clinical Social Work Coordinator and Mental Health Therapist for children and families. She is currently building her private practice where she works with women and youth to support their mental health while incorporating western and eastern teachings for healing.

Her love for traveling started after she graduated from high school with her first trip to Scottsdale, Arizona in 2008. Since then she has visited 25 countries and 20 states. Traveling has become part of her lifestyle and it’s something that she encourages everyone to do a few times throughout the year as it contributes to overall mental and emotional wellness. When she is not traveling, Djuan spends her time practicing yoga, meditating, journaling and eating good food. If you want to know more about what she is doing, you can check her out at dahliarosewellness.com

In this episode, you will learn about:

Show Notes:

Part 1: Prepping for a successful journey

  • Using Social Media to do pre-trip planning

  • Managing group planning and travel

  • “Know your intentions before you even start the trip”

Part 2: Traveling for your optimal wellbeing

  • Being present with yourself in the moment

  • Setting intentions before you plan your trip

Learn more about http://dahliarosewellness.com/

Follow her on IG: _hudsonburrow

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